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Strategic Portfolio Management
Investment Disciplines

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) provides investment management services to institutional and individual investors that are tailored to their specific needs. The process begins with our proprietary analytical platform known as the CoMPASS system (Computer Models for Portfolio Allocation and Security Selection).

The goal of the COMPASS platform is to produce an analytical process that can be reproduced in a variety of market environments. The COMPASS program is utilized to run extensive analysis and generate proprietary measurements on over 14,000 stocks, mutual funds and other related financial instruments. The final indices that are generated for each security are utilized in the selection and allocation process to provide portfolio management for all SPM clients. These indices are very similar to those used in the Timer Digest programs, but the analysis is more comprehensive. A brief outline of the Strategic Portfolio Management Equity Investment process is presented on a later page in this brochure.

In addition to programs designed for client specified needs, we offer the four structured Timer Digest model portfolios: Two Select Fund Portfolios, and two Equity Portfolios. These programs are highly ranked based on Total Return over the last twelve years and provide potential clients with a long term performance track record.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) provides specialized investment management services to individual and institutional investors.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) was established initially in response to Timer Digest subscriber requests for an investment advisor to manage their funds using the parameters of Timer Digest's Model Portfolios. In addition to the Timer Digest portfolio service, SPM provides institutional and individual investors with advice and portfolio management as specified by the requirements of each client. The SPM computerized analytical programs date back to 1968, and are continually expanded and enhanced. The principals of SPM bring unique backgrounds and Wall Street experience to the challenges of investment management.

Strategic Portfolio Management's goal is to provide the highest level of professional performance for clients seeking to maximize the results of their investment programs. Resources are focused on each client to assure the implementation of timely and informed investment decisions. Principals monitor each client program to be certain that all clients benefit from the firm's collective experience.

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